Forensic Accounting is accounting that is suitable for legal review. Offering the highest level of assurance, we anticipate that our findings or analysis may be subject to adversarial or judicial scrutiny.

We activate a level of evidentiary detail and analytical precision which will be sustainable within the legal framework. Our engagements are wide-ranging and include: transaction reconstruction and measurement; bankruptcy; matrimonial divorce and probate asset identification and valuation; falsifications and manipulations of accounts or in the presentation thereof; and accountability within the statutory audit and other environments.

Engagements relating to civil disputes may fall into several categories: calculating and quantifying losses and economic damages, whether suffered through tort or breach of contract; disagreements relating to company acquisitions; and business valuations.

We often assist in professional negligence claims where we are assessing and commenting on the work of other professionals.

Our forensic accountants are also increasingly playing more proactive risk reduction roles by designing and performing extended procedures as part of the statutory audit, acting as advisers to audit committees and assisting in investment analyst research.