The law is clear in stating that we all have to pay the right amount of tax. However with the experience and skill of our team, your company will be able to fulfill your legal duties in the most profitable and effective way.

Ensuring Positive Interpretation

HMRC can interpret the law in the favour of their investigations. Consequently a clear and professional understanding of the Taxes Management Acts is essential to your business. Our clients can expect a first-class understanding of the law so the pitfalls of ‘interpretation’ can be avoided.

Civil Fraud Procedure

The procedure refers to the way in which more serious fraud cases are dealt with under the HMRC code of practice 9. This states that HMRC may accept a monetary settlement instead of initiating criminal proceedings as long as they receive a full disclosure of all the realities.

It is important to recognize that undeclared income could, in part, represent the proceeds of crime, as that undeclared sum would constitute the ‘benefit’. Our service will ensure that application to the statute will be done properly and professionally, leaving you without the anxiety and stress, so that your business can keep running smoothly.